Working with cool people

The wiki page we had to create for our digital media module required us to work in groups of four. At first I was apprehensive of working in the group, as I was worried about how it would affect my grade, and their grades. Yet the tweasure hunt definitely improved my outlook. The group were friendly and did well in the hunt compared to many. This made me enthusiastic about adding positively to the group and wanting to improve the work we did together.

Organising the group to get things done was difficult. Facebook was a godsend. We were able to coordinate the excursion into town and additions to the wiki page. Nessa made great attempts to get the group going on the wiki page and created the vital bones of the article. The lads then added useful pieces to the page with good information. My contribution was in adding certain sections of the article, and most of the formatting of the pictures. I wanted to add video to the page, for originality, but Alan Ryan informed over me over twitter that .gif images were the best I could do, so I made one out of a video I took. I made the gif as long as I could within the wiki’s limits.

Throughout the entire process, the group worked well together, and I really enjoyed working with them.


Our amazing adventure to the Castle of Fanning

On the 16th of October, a girl from my group and I went into town to gather information and take photos of Fanning’s Castle on Mary Street. This was necessary for our assignment to create a wiki article on the topic.

I’m sorry to say that in all my time living in the city, I had never heard of Fanning’s Castle. Only after researching the building online, did I discover that it was situated just thirty seconds from my old secondary school. In fact it turned out that I knew the building very well, having stared out the window at it in enough times to be able to describe the place pretty well.

Two of the guys in my group were unable to make it on the day, but they had important issues

that came up in the way those things do. They made up for this by adding to the research at a later time. Nessa and I were eager to get good quality photos on the day, as it was sunny. We were also lucky in that we appeared there on the rare occasion that the gate was open. The gate was automatic though. We decided to take the risk and go inside for pictures, as the opportunity we had was rare. The pictures were worth it in my opinion.

This notice is placed down low on the main wall, only visible on the premises.

This notice is placed down low on the main wall, only visible on the premises.

Due to our lucky access, we got this clear picture of the details of the main wall, with Nessa in the foreground. It's not exactly Where's Wally.

Due to our lucky access, we got this clear picture of the details of the main wall, with Nessa in the foreground. It’s not exactly Where’s Wally.

The Castle is not actually a castle, as taken from our wiki page: Though its official name is Fanning’s Castle, it’s not actually a castle, but a medieval fortified tower or tower house. The building was the primary residence for majors and bailiffs from the mid 15th century up until Cromwell’s victory, when English protestant families take over. Dominick Fanning led the resistance against Cromwell but was caught and had to give up his residence at Fanning’s Castle. He was executed by Cromwellian forces in 1651.

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Tweasure! Everyone’s sick of tweasure jokes!

So we had a “Tweasure” hunt last week. The best reason to talk like Jonathan Ross for an hour. And walk around in the cold.

It started brilliantly. Everybody had decided not to bother looking for their groups before the hunt, so the first ten minutes were spent writing group numbers on cards and shouting that number like it was a nightmare airport. Or an Argos checkout. I had Michael, Paudie and Nessa in my group, who were great people, but were as bad as me for navigation round the campus.

Except Michael who managed to find the right place in the library. I think most people got lazy and gave up. It wasn’t hidden, we were even told where it was by its code. That hunt put me off looking for a book in the library for a while.

The next few would’ve been much easier. If people didn’t steal the pages at the points. I pity people who get a kick out of stealing a yellow page.

Anyhoo, I think that’s everything interesting that happened. Nobody died. I think.

P.S. I apologise for the shortness of this blog. The computer I’m using is so laggy, that when I finish writing this sentence, it will have been forty seconds before the sentence is on screen. Macs.